Hydrated Lime

Installed annual
production capacity (MT)
Technology Developed byDavy mc-kee (Germany)
Chemical FormulaCa(OH)2
Molecular Weight74
Specifications – Average Chemical Analysis
Physical AppearanceWhite fine Powder
Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)295% ±1
Calcium Carbonate CaCO32.0 % max
Magnesium Oxide MgO1.0 % max
Silica SiO20.5 % max
Refractory Oxide R2O30.3 % max
Moisture0.50 % max
Particle Size 
Passing through 0.090 mm Sieve96.0 %
General Product Information
It is supplied in 22-24 kg random weight paper sacks (bags). Un-slaked lime (quicklime lime) yields heat on mixing with water. It is a caustic irritant. Flammability: Non-flammable Shelf Life: Long life if protected from air & moisture.
Product Handling and Safety Instruction
Must be stored in well-ventilated, covered and dry area. In case of splash in eyes, use clean running water to wash eyes for at least 20 minutes.