Sodium Hypochlorite

Installed annual
production capacity (MT)
Technology Developed bySCIL
Chemical FormulaNaOCl
Molecular Weight74.4422
Specifications – Average Chemical Analysis
Physical AppearancePale Greenish / yellow Liquid
Specific Gravity1.250 – 1.260 @ 20 oC
Baume degree29 – 30 oBe @ 20 oC
Free NaOH0.8 – 1.20 % (w/v)
Available Chlorine19.0 – 20.0 % (w/v)
Iron as Fe5 ppm max
General Product Information
Storage vessel must be well protected from heat as well as light. Chlorine contents decreases with the passage of time depending upon temperature & storage vessel condition. Decomposition rate becomes too high above 85 ºF (29.4 oC) and is doubled with the rise of each 10 ºF in temperature.
Product Handling and Safety Instruction
Store in a cool place (as low temperature as possible) and protect from light. It must be carried in rubber-lined tanks or HDPE carboys. Use gloves, goggles, gum boots and wear protective suites during handling. In case of contact with body or eyes, flow plenty water for twenty minutes on eyes and seek medical help immediately.
Toxic by ingestion and strong irritant to body tissues. Fire risk when gets in contact with organic material.