14/02/2022 – 11:21 |  FARHAN 

Installed Annual
production capacity (MT)
Technology Developed byMannesmann (Germany)
Chem. FormulaNH4Cl
Molecular Weight53.453
Specifications – Average Chemical Analysis
Physical AppearanceWhite Crystals
NH4Cl99.7 ± 0.2%
Moisture0.1 % max.
General Product Information
Evolve ammonia when reacting with alkali.
Exhibit endothermic nature in aqueous media.
Absorbs water & moisture when exposed to atmosphere.
Shelf Life: Long life is expected in airtight bags.
Product Handling and Safety Instruction
It is supplied in the packing of 25 kg Polypropylene bags, having polyethylene liner in bags.
Must be stored in well-ventilated and covered area.
Do not store it along with caustic soda and other alkaline materials
If ammonium chloride contacts the eyes, then eyes must be irrigated immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.