Carbon Dioxide Gas

M. Z. International is a major supplier and carrier of CO2 gas in Pakistan with its own fleet of liquid CO2 bowsers.

Chem. FormulaCO2
Molecular Weight44.0
Appearance/ ColourNormal/Colourless gas.
Purity99.9 % min

General Product Information

Melting Point: -56.6 ºC

Boiling Point: -78.5 ºC

Critical Temperature : 30 °C

Vapor density at : 1.53 (air = 1) 70 ºF, 1 atm

Density (g cm-3): 1.101 at -37 ºC 

Water solubility:: very soluble


Large quantities of solid carbon dioxide (i.e. in the form of dry ice) are used in processes requiring large scale refrigeration.

Carbon dioxide is also used in fire extinguishers as a desirable alternative to water for most fires.

It is a constituent of medical gases as it promotes exhalation. It is also used in carbonated drinks.

Product Handling & Safety Instructions

Dry carbon dioxide can be handled in most common structural materials.

Moist carbon dioxide is generally corrosive by its formation of carbonic acid.

Ferrous Nickel alloys are slightly susceptible to corrosion. At normal temperatures carbon dioxide is compatible with most plastics and elastomers.

Use local exhaust to prevent accumulation of high concentrations so as to reduce the oxygen level in the air to less than 19.5% and the carbon dioxide concentration below the exposure limit.

Protective gloves of any material appropriate for the job. Positive pressure air line with full-face mask and escape bottle or self-contained breathing apparatus should be available for emergency use.