Nickel Chloride

Nickel Chloride is used all over the world in the nickel-plating cast zinc, manufacturing sympathetic ink the anhydrous salt as absorbent for NH3 in gas masks.

Chemical Identification
Chemical FormulaNiCl2.6H2O
Molecular Weight237.69
Purity98% Min (24% Min. as nickel)
Physical Properties
AppearanceGreenish Crystalline Powder
NatureHighly Hygroscopic
Water insoluble matter0.05% Max
PH (5% W/V solution)3.5-5.5
Principal Application
Nickel Chloride has major uses as following; Electroplating (Nickel Coatings).Regent ChemicalsSanitary FittingsMetal FurnitureJewellery and Commercial RodsAbsorbent of NH3 and other Chemicals
Supplied in packing of 5kg in LLDPE Bags with P.E. liner in 25KG cartons.