Ferric Sulphate (Solid-Powder)

Chem. Formula Fe2(SO4)3.nH2O
Molecular Weight 399.8668
Grade Commercial

Appearance Yellow Powder
Ferric Sulphate 63.0± 1 % w/w
Ferrous Sulphate 3.0 % w/w
Lead 62.0 ppm
Manganese 1470 ppm
Zinc 1210 ppm
Arsenic 19.0 ppm
pH of 5% solution 2.0 

General Product Information  

Ferric Sulphate is used in water treatment for removal of Suspended Solids (turbidity) and other contaminations such as natural organic matter from surface water, Micro- organisms and colloidal particles, silt and clay are stabilized by surface electrostatatic charges preventing the particles from coalescing.     

Applications Ferric Sulphate is suitable for use

  • As a primary coagulant in the treatment of potable water
  • As a primary coagulant in the treatment of waste water including industrial effluents.
  • As a primary coagulant in the treatment of discharges from paper-mills and domestic effluents.
  • Suitable for use in the mining industry both as a coagulant and in heavy metal removal

Other Uses Pigments, reagent, Disinfectant, Textile (dyeing and calco printing), metal pickling, Chelated iron products.   

Handling It is not a hazardous chemical but moderately acidic in nature. Plenty of water can be used if spillage occurs on hands, face or any other part of body. Protect from light.