Magnesium Carbonate

Physical stateFree Flowing White Powder
Water SolubilityInsoluble
Molecular FormulaMgCO3
Molecular Weight84.32

Typical Chemical Analysis:

MgO35-40 %
CaO2 % max
Chloride0.5% max
Acid Insoluble0.5% max
Iron Fe100 ppm max
Lead Pb10 ppm max
Arsenic5 ppm max
Magnesium Carbonate, also called magnesium carbonate hydroxide, is used for fireproofing, heat insulating and preparation of effervescent magnesium citrate. It is used as rubber reinforcing agent, in inks, pigments, glass, pharmaceuticals, dentifrices and in cosmetics. It is also used, as filtering medium, in foods as drying agent, color retention agent, anti-caking agent, in manufacture of mineral waters.
Storage & Handling
Adequate ventilation required. Keep bags sealed. Store in cool dry place.