Poly Aluminium Chloride (Solid)

Chem. FormulaAl2(OH)5Cl
Molecular Weight174.5
Average Chemical Analysis
AppearancePale Yellow Powder
Aluminium13± 1 % w/w.
Iron< 0.03 %
Sulphate< 3.0 %
Lead<10.0 ppm
Manganese< 3.0 ppm
PH of 1% solution3.0-5.0
General Product Information 
PAC is used in water treatment for removal of Suspended solids (turbidity) and other contaminations such as natural organic matter from surface water, Micro- organisms and colloidal particles, silt and clay are stabilized by surface electrostatatic charges preventing the particles from coalescing .It is advantageous in water of low to moderate turbidity, possibly because of the greater charge neutralizing capacity relative to alum.
Paper Manufacture: With filler, pigment effluents
Textile Industry: Elimination of dyes
Refineries: Containing oil waste water
Ceramic Industry: Colloidal Pollutants
Automotive Industry: Effluents with detergents, soil & paint residues
Laundries: Detergents, soil
Car Wash Installaries: Waste water with oil, and grease
Food Processing Industries: Effluents containing fats and 
vegetable oil.
It is not a hazardous chemical but moderately acidic in nature. Plenty of water can be used if spillage occurs on hands, face or any other part of body.